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Viagra is a legendary therapeutic remedy produced by the Pfizer pharmaceutical company, which these days can be liberally bought via the Internet. The generic alternative of Viagra is sildenafil, a substance responsible for blocking the destructive factors and helping men in dealing with Erectile Dysfunction. A strong erection is a thing that any man is expected of. A disappointment of a partner can have a frustrating effect on a man’s mind, and even aggravate the existing health condition. Fundamentally, under these circumstances a great number of men are just dispossessed of sexual command and confidence. Psychological pit of sexual powerlessness that men are stuck in captures more and more energy, and a man becomes more and more depressed.

It is hard to believe that ordering a pill such as Viagra, a man can regain self-confidence, sexual potency and even his own reputation. Viagra or its cheap generic version sildenafil provide strong and elongated erections for about 30 or 40 minutes. Buying Viagra online is an ultimate way to say goodbye to sexual failures and timidity. However, the lasting period effect of Viagra is comparatively small. When you order pills of Viagra via online pharmacy, you should consider that the magic effect continues for about four or six hours. The main focus of this medicine is its ability to rest the body muscles and boost the blood current to certain parts of the body. If you are a woman and you are just being curious about how it works for ladies, it’s time to dishearten you. Unfortunately, Viagra as well as cialis and other pills of this kind, have no positive effect on female libido. Be careful reading unreliable sources – you may hurt yourself. If you are wondering where to buy Viagra, here is the official website

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Over the last few months, the US and Canada Internet users are unusually interested in cheap alternatives for Viagra, which is a comparatively expensive medicine dealing with impotency in men. To buy generic Viagra online is fairly possible; nevertheless, surfing the Internet, a patient should certainly know what meds he is looking for. The substance sildenafil citrate is in charge of inhibiting the cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase of the fifth type and consequently provides stuffing the penis with enhanced amounts of sanguine fluid.

The generic drug equivalent to Viagra is produced in India and is known under a small number of product names like silagra, vigora, kamagra, filagra and caverta. It has become very much globally admired. Sometimes good deals on generic Viagra are offered on online coupons and pharmacy promotions.

Generic sildenafil citrate is not permitted for sale in the United States. Teva pharmaceuticals and Actavis offer the generic form of sildenafil citrate in a number of European countries and some other countries of the world. If you are in the US or Canada, and you wish to obtain a generic product online, you should address a EU or Indian medical shop, attaching a valid prescription. It will make the process officially permitted and eliminate any disturbance related to customs passing and other legal procedures. How long does the effect of generic Viagra last? Actually, the natural effect of supporting erection lasts up to 6 hours. Before ordering Viagra online, generic or not, observe the prices at the official website

Dosage of Sildenafil Citrate – Find Online

The citrate of sildenafil is famous for being a PDE 5 inhibitor, that is targeted to put a limit on the increase of PDE 5 enzyme in the human body. Essentially, this ferment increases the blood flow to the penis, and the good blood flow is a guarantee of excellent erection.

As the blood flow decreases, ED happens and men can’t take pleasure from sexual relations. When the pills enter the body, it momently liquefies in the blood and begins acting. Sildenafil generic is targeted to stop the increase of PDE 5 ferment and destroys it to direct the blood flow towards the penis. And the good news is that the erectile dysfunction disappears at all or changes for a better performance.

Sildenafil dosage is presented on the market in different amounts: 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg.

It should be taken with a glass of water. In general, 25mg is suitable for people, who have light erectile problems, whilst, 50 mg is allowed to give to the patients with some more serious ED problems. And sildenafil citrate 100mg dosage is applicable for men with considerable ED issues. Usually, the doctors prescribe Viagra 25mg to the patients; the dosage can be increased as per requirement of the patient. According to experience, for attaining brilliant results, it is important for the men to take the tablet from 30 to 60 minutes before the sexual relations. It’s not mandatory to eat before taking the pills, but maximum effect is performed on consuming it on empty stomach.

It’s easy to order Sildenafil online.

For side effects information ask your doctor or pharmacist.

How to Order Over the Counter Viagra

In the present day, the medicine for Erectile Dysfunction is not obtainable over the counter in the US and Canada. The reason is that it is an individual drug. You should not recommend it to your friends or acquaintances. The international name of Viagra is sildenafil, and it is considered to be the most significant component of the drug. In some countries it is actually sold without prescription. Each pill of this drug has a twenty-five, fifty or one hundred milligrams of the substance. Other constituents of the formula are cellulose, lactose, and others. This product is intended for the expansion of blood vessels in the penis that occurs during sexual arousal. As a result, the penis receives more blood, which enhances the erection. If a man has weak or unsteady erection viagra can be successfully applied. Also, this drug has a positive effect on the increase in sexual desire, or libido. This drug should not be taken by men who have been marked by an allergy to any of its components. Allergies can develop in the form of a rash, swelling, itching or shortness of breath. Generic viagra is contraindicated during the periods of consuming nitrates. If you desire to use this otc Viagra medication, the issue should be discussed with a medical specialist. It is principally important to consult a doctor if you have diseases such as sickle cell disorder, leukemia, multiple myeloma, eye disease, stomach ulcers, and others. In order to normalize the functioning of the genitals, you can ask for help and special supplements (biologically active additives - BAA).

As it was already mentioned, the over the counter drug named Viagra augments the blood flow giving you an opportunity to surprise your partner giving her durable sex full of pleasures. However, take into account that the outcomes show a discrepancy in various cases. It is scientifically confirmed that otc viagra aids men suffering from any stage of ED.